Surfing Mums are Happy Mums!

Surfing Mums Inc.

Welcome to Surfing Mums Incorporated.

We are a non-profit organisation with over 250 members run by a great team of volunteers with a passion for surfing. We are the peak body for surfing families in Australia and we help like-minded parents and children to meet and share surfing, activities and a beach lifestyle.

Being a surfing mum or dad gives you a little bit of time out to do what you love – surf – and doing what you love gives you that stoked feeling that brings a smile to your day and to your children’s faces.

A surfing mum is a happy mum” – Liz Davidson, Sunny Coast Surfing Mum.

Now you don’t have to be the only mum in your mother’s group observing the wind to see which direction it’s blowing, or trying to explain to the other mums why going down to the beach would be a better idea than sitting around a cafe (unless, it’s totally flat!). Only a surfing mum knows that feeling.

Surfing Mums has changed my life and I just love everything about it: All the new friends we have made, the support we share about parenting, surfing and giving each other a chance to do what we love, being able to hang out with same minded mums, who love the beach and surf as much as I do and of course the fact that I can go and have a couple of waves myself!”   Elissa Koskinen, Manly Surfing Mums Coordinator.   



So you’ve had your first lesson, loved it and you’ve probably realised that lessons are only going to take you so far. What you now need is practise – and lots of it!

But you also need to get the right equipment – what is the best board and wetsuit for you? You may also have discovered you need further practical tips about reading the waves and surf conditions, finding the right spot for you, what to look out for when you are in the surf by yourself, and how to master pop-ups.

Surfing Mums Inc. highly recommends Whitewash Warriors e-book for every beginner surfer. It is packed full of practical tips and an understanding of the ocean that will help you become more confident and comfortable in the water.

Purchase your e-book: Whitewash Warrior


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$5 of each Surfing Mum Inc membership is donated to SURFAID